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Her Kingdom was taken. Her power suppressed. Her memories erased…

Banished from the Kingdom of Noraquros; a world of elementals, Princess Larayne Hailstrom is flung into the human world and left with no memory of who she is or where she came from.

However, struggling to fit in, in 1930s Spain, Larayne becomes plagued with visions of another life. A life of love, laughter and legacy. When these visions awaken tendrils of a twisted power in her soul, Larayne starts to question everything she’s been told. Questions that only multiply when a handsome soldier with raven hair and emerald eyes races into her life and Larayne is convinced she’s seen him before.

The more their paths cross and their worlds irrevocably collide, the more Larayne discovers that there is more to both of them than either realise.

If you can’t get enough of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sarah J. Mass, or Kelly St. Clare then you will love this dive into a world of elemental magic, enemies-to-lovers romance, and a story of triumph in the face of trials with a sweeping cast of diverse characters.

Why did I choose this author and this book to bring in the new year?

I follow the author S. McPherson on Instagram. Her content is a happy slice of enchantment that brightens the virtual space, and so I grew curious about her books too. What I found was a healthy backlist of books, and I struggled to pick which of the compelling series to start with. They all looked soooo good.

I decided to focus on Echoes of the Crown because:

a.) that cover

b.) the promise of unique world building, a great cast of characters, and an epic romantasy adventure.

About the author:

A U.S.A Today bestselling author, S. McPherson is a young British expat living in Dubai and working as a kindergarten teacher. When she is not at work immersed in a world of imagination and fantasy created by the children, she is immersed in her own worlds of imagination and fantasy at home, dreaming up tales and writing them down.

My thoughts after reading Echoes of the Crown:

This book is epic fantasy romance packed with lots of heart, high stakes, and sweeping romance. A whirlwind of a read, it will pull you into the pages for a wild, fantastical ride that will leave a lasting impression sure to inspire you well after you’re finished reading.

Have you read Echoes of the Crown? Let's talk.

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