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Dear Creative is a writer’s “Dear Abby” here to offer you friendly, constructive, and supportive advice and direction.​

Ask Montrez any serious, writing related question and tune in to her IGTV “Dear Creative” for answers. 


Watch the latest Dear Creative episode or access the recommended resources for more information.

Ep. 6: Dear Creative, You're Invited...

I’d like you to join me for NaNoWriMo inspired fun in our first ever Write On!


 It’s a free virtual event where we’ll meet weekly on Zoom for:

  • Writing talk and tips

  • Write-ins and writing sprints (which are fun, social ways to exercise your creative muscles, stay motivated and get some words in).

  • Weekly giveaways and more!

Ep. 5: Dear Imposter Writer

Do you feel like an imposter when it comes to writing? Then this video is for you. 

Take a quick listen of this week’s Dear Creative and if you have questions of your own, comment below or send them in anonymously through the link in my bio.

Ep. 4: Dear Writing Blues

Are you feeling some kind of way after receiving mixed feedback on your writing? Well, you aren’t alone.

Watch today’s episode for quick tips on how to handle critique and feedback.

Ep. 3: Dear Curious Novice

What’s something I know now that I wish I’d knew when I first started writing? Watch this week’s Dear Creative to find out.

Ep. 2: Social Media Wallflowers & Marketing

It's time for writing wallflowers to shine. Step away from the sidelines and get on that authorpreneur dance floor. You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to show your readers what you can do. Thankfully, there are many ways to do tell the reading world about your book, but I'll give you three to start with. Click the buttons below for additional resources and tools I use to help with marketing.

Ep. 1: Are You Query Ready?

So you've finished your manuscript. Now what? If you're looking to traditionally publish, check out my quick tips and recommendations for writers starting their querying journey. Click the buttons below for additional resources and tools I use as a reference.

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