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About the Author

Montrez lives in the moody Midwest with her husband and three sons. Inspired by superheroes, anime, and an eclectic mix of literature, she is passionate about creating fantastical worlds full of heart, heroics, and Black Girl Power.

When she’s not writing super-powered urban fantasy and whimsical romantic fantasy books, she works as a developmental editor and consultant for other authors and creatives.


Montrez has taken her passion for writing and celebrating diverse speculative fiction beyond books. As of 2023, she has expanded her focus to the realm of comic books and television. She is the Co-Editor-In-Chief of Konkret Comics, a Glyph Award-winning, Black-owned comic book publishing company. She also writes for KDS Entertainment, developing new and original television shows for Blerd Station, an upcoming independent streaming service scheduled to launch January 2024.

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